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Who Needs User Research When I Can Simply Run Experiments

The value of people skills increases by the day. 

Talking to random strangers is generally very easy granted that they have somehow been introduced to you by a friend or friendly stranger or by any other random accident that “broke the ice” for you. There appears to be generally this very high barrier that is so hard for us to cross. It conveniently covers our comfort zones. If you happen to lack any friend or friendly stranger you are left to your own devices.

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6 Android Hacks To Easily Track User Acquisition On Mobile (And Grow Your Startup)

During Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona I gave a talk about Growth Hacking for Mobile. It was not a PR and Marketing 101 list that you would run down to cross tasks off. On the contrary, it was a thorough dig into real product hacks that startups can use to acquire users, to tackle the initial content problem and even to “fake” user activity Before Product Market Fit (BPMF) in order to validate and verify hypothesis or After Product Market Fit (APMF) to optimize and therefore grow the business. The great thing is that you can track most of those hacks simply using Android, no 3rd party tracking tool needed.

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