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6 Android Hacks To Easily Track User Acquisition On Mobile (And Grow Your Startup)

During Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona I gave a talk about Growth Hacking for Mobile. It was not a PR and Marketing 101 list that you would run down to cross tasks off. On the contrary, it was a thorough dig into real product hacks that startups can use to acquire users, to tackle the initial content problem and even to “fake” user activity Before Product Market Fit (BPMF) in order to validate and verify hypothesis or After Product Market Fit (APMF) to optimize and therefore grow the business. The great thing is that you can track most of those hacks simply using Android, no 3rd party tracking tool needed.

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Hacking The Empty Party To Achieve Early Traction

The crux with new (social) startups and their amazing apps: It is an empty party. But it does not need to appear that way.

From the get-go it should feel like as the party is in full swing, alive and kicking although, quite frankly, it is quite the opposite. Luckily, it does not need much to flip the switch from empty to full party.

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