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It’s probably not hot news that the user experience across blockchain-based services and applications is not great, yet.

Part of the reason for this malaise is such that entrepreneurs in the space still mainly build for nerds and themselves. This fact in turn is due to the current technical fundamentals that make it very hard to actually design and build on-par experiences (compared to conventional, centralized services) for the mainstream.

In this post I like to explore the fundamental reasons for the above and the implications for the user experience. This is part one of a two-part article.

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In a recent blockchain keynote speech at the FinForward 2018 conference in Hamburg I showed where the blockchain industry stands in terms of mass market adoption. Most importantly though, I explored some technical challenges in regard to a users’ experience with crypto related web- and blockchain services. My intention was to make clear what the state of user experience and usability is across decentralized web services or applications.

To put this in writing, let’s explore the nitty-gritty of UX challenges for blockchain or decentralized services and how to circumvent them, potentially.

decentralized applications

The root of many UX challenges

Any company wants to acquire new users for its services. Most often, the very first encounter a new user has with a service is its sign-up flow or process. For an existing user that would, of course, be the login screen.

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