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My recommendation: 8/10

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Summary of notes and ideas

I highly recommend the book if you are curious about a potential future that awaits us. Of course, the future will probably not look as Kelly describes but various technological developments seem quite near-term, or somewhat reasonable to turn out as he portraits them.

I have listened to the audio on Scribd. I have yet to find a quick and dirty way (that workds) to translate Scribd voice to text. Please get in touch if you know some. Thanks. Hence, I have used an already existing summary that overlaps somewhat with my own. The link you’ll find below.

  • Or Kelleys words, the inevitable 12 forces which will irreversibly change the way we think and work by the year of 2050. And, since we’re dealing with mutability, it’s only natural that Kelly has chosen 12 “verbs” of change to describe these forces.
  • 1: – becoming. Our entrepreneur-driven society can never become something. Its very essence is the essence of constant change – something always giving birth to something new. Not unmoving utopia, nor dying dystopia – but a protopia.
  • 2: cognifying. This means making everything much smarter using AI and the cloud. Soon enough, men will need to start looking new challenges because most of their jobs will be automatized.
  • 3: flowing. Everything will be happening in real-time. Soon enough, you may be able to listen to music as it’s created; or read books the way nobody has ever read before.
  • 5: – accessing. This may sound particularly interesting to communists. In Kelly’s opinion, in the future, ownership will mean less and less. Airbnb owns no houses, Uber owns no cars – yet they are the companies of the future. Instead of owning products, people will have access to them, because of five different trends: dematerialization, real-time on demand, decentralization, platform synergy, and cloudizing.
  • 10: tracking. You may not like this, but it’s – just like everything else on this list – inevitable to happen. The Internet of Things (IoT) will bring tracking to another level. So your life will be recorded practically from start to finish. Yes, another “Black Mirror” episode (god, that show is good): “The Entire History of You.”
  • 11: questioning. The new paradigm. We’ve lived too long in a data-driven answer-based society. Now, it’s time to start questioning everything.
  • 12: Prepare for the creation of a single vast consciousness. All humans and machines interconnected.

You can find the remaining of the 12 and a very short summary here.

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